Please refer to the contents of Kamp Konk Parent Handbook handbook to answer any questions you may have regarding your child's/childrens' participation at KAMP KONK.


When do I have to send in my health records?

Please send them in 2 weeks prior to camp.

What time should I bring my camper to camp?

Camp starts at 9:00 AM. Try to have your camper arrive at their class as close to that time as possible.

Who can fill out a Cari form?

Only the juvenile requesting the record can fill out the form. A parent or guardian can not fill out the form. The form must be signed and mailed to the Boston office.

What are acceptable forms of ID to accompany the Cari form?

A school ID, license, passport. Only copies are necessary; the Boston juvenile office does not want originals.

What if it is raining?

The campers will have classes indoors and utilize the outdoors when weather permits.

How do I find the camp entrance?

Kamp Konk is located at the back of the Seekonk High School. There will be signage to direct you where to go.